Water WaterI have been really busy over the last few weeks working with clients who want to make improvements to their skin. The first thing most people so when they have problems with their skin is hit the local cosmetics counters to find a fix, then when this doesn’t work its a trip to the doctor. However, many skin concerns can be improved greatly by making one little change to your day and increasing the amount of water you drink (and no, the tonic water in your gin doesn’t count! lol).

Water has sooooooo many health benefits. Our brains are 90% water and our bodies around 70% so not feeding these with enough water is like trying to run your car with no fuel in it…its not going to work. Ever wondered why you get so many headaches or are constipated, or why you lack in concentration, or have more wrinkles than your friends? Its not all genetics, many times its simply that your body is dehydrated.

So, have you ever looked at a nice fresh tomato and seen how beautifully smooth and shiny its skin is? Now think of the dehydrated sun ripened tomato…shriveled up and wrinkled. I know which skin I prefer to have which is why I make sure my water intake is on point everyday, and this comes from the girl who was once a Coca-Cola addict. I now actually prefer to have a glass of water or one of my Arbonne Fizz Sticks over anything because it actually makes me feel good, I’m not bloated and I feel alert without the horrendous sugar spike and crash.

So there it is, the start to improving your skin is upping your water intake. Once that is right with a good skincare regime you will see a difference in your skins appearance within a very short space in time.

The one way to check if you’re keeping your body hydrated enough, check your wee…the clearer the better…so if its orange and bit aromatic then get them pints of water down you…your body and brain will really thank you for it.

If you need anymore information on this topic or anything else Beauty, Health and Wellness then feel free to drop me an email at jodie@gogoglamorous.co.uk

Have a beautiful day

xxx Jodie xxx