Have you ever painted a wall? How did you achieve the best finish?

Did you just whack any old paint onto the walls as they were and hope for the best, then let everyone’s grubby hands paw all over the wall?

Or, did you want that professional finish? So, you filled the little holes in the wall, smoothed the surface, applied an undercoat to help the more expensive paint glide on nicely to the surface thus using less product whilst covering more area.

It’s basically the same with getting perfect looking and long lasting foundation.

So here are my top tips to achieving and keeping the perfect foundation:

* Drink plenty of water

Hydrating your skin is key. Drinking plenty of water will work wonders for improving the texture of your skin especially dry skin. Whilst good make-up can go some way to hiding dry skin it can in many cases highlight the area if not dealt with properly.

* Get a good skincare regime in place.

This doesn’t have to be a huge deal. If you currently don’t do anything other than wash your face then start with adding a moisturiser. Small maintainable changes that build up to a full skin care routine is far better than doing nothing at all or trying to do too much and giving up after a few days.

* Use a primer

Ok, so just like prepping a walls surface, to get the best finish we need to do the same to our faces. The way to do this is by using a good primer. A primer will reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores meaning that your foundation will go on far smoother so you will use less of it per application and it will last far longer.

Even through the hot weather we have been having my foundation has stayed perfect until bedtime without touching up as let’s face it, who has the time for touch ups throughout the day?

* Choose the right colour.

A lot of people choose a foundation based on the colour they would like to be rather than the actual colour they are. So yes, you may want to look like you’ve had a week in Marbella but let’s face it if you haven’t and you put that colour on your face you’re more likely to look like you’ve dunked your face in the gravy bowl than like a bronzed beauty.

The easiest way to check you have the best colour match for you is by trying it on your wrist. Go on, go try it now. If it matches the skin on your inner wrist it will be the perfect match on your face.

* Choose the best foundation applicator for you

Now let’s get the stuff on your face. You will hear loads of people say you should use a foundation brush, or a beauty blender, buffer brush or kabuki brush or even a fancy electronic foundation applicator. There are no rules, its make-up and it’s your face so use whatever you find easiest.

What I will say is this, if you can’t be bothered to wash your foundation applicator of choice at least weekly then I would seriously stick with using your fingers. Why? Because think of all the dead skin cells, oil and bits of product building up on your foundation applicator every time you use it. Exactly, it’s disgusting, so why would you want to put that on your face after you have washed and prepped it? Using your fingers will also mean that you only use the exact amount of product needed so have less waste.

* Leave your face alone

You wouldn’t paint a wall and then go and keep touching it with your hands, so don’t do it to your face.

Your make up is on, it’s looking lush so let’s keep it that way.

Your hands contain oils so if all day you keep pawing at your face then you are going to trash that perfect finish, so mitts off beautiful.

There it is. It is that simple.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful, if you have then feel free to share it with anyone you think may also like it. If you would like any more advice or tips or even have any beauty, health or wellness questions you would like to see included in a future blog then get in touch with me by email to Jodie@gogoglamorous.co.uk

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Now get out there, Go Go get them and have a beautiful day, everyday.