So yesterday I started a 30 Days to healthy living plan. Last year I was ill more times than I can remember and even ended up being admitted to hospital on Christmas Eve. 2018 saw a massive change in how I take care of myself. I realised that I needed to look after myself a lot better, as a single mom I really cant afford to be ill. I started making little changes at first including, getting a good nights sleep, being kinder to myself when things didn’t go to plan and keeping a note of things I’m thankful for.

However, nutrition has never been my strong point and I’ve been known as the salad dodger, and I would avoid vegetables as much as I can. Obviously this all has an effect on how well my body functions and my immune system in particular has definitely taken a bashing. My plan ensures that I get all the nutrition I need so that my body can perform at its best and detox of all the nasty stuff I’ve been putting in it. I cant wait to see the results after 30 days as its only day two and I’ve already got rid of the bloating I’ve been suffering and my energy levels are definitely on the increase. I will updating you all with my 30 day journey regularly but if you have any questions you would like me to answer or any topics you would like to see included in this blog then drop me an email to Have a beautiful day. xxx